Direzione lavori, contabilità, collaudi

Our works management, accounting and testing

For the work to be carried out in accordance with the project, expert and competent technicians are required. CUBE has engineers and architects available who have been working in the civil-environmental engineering sector for years, able to immediately resolve the many problems that arise on the construction site.

The construction manager is that figure chosen by the client who has the main task of verifying the correspondence between the design documents and what is actually carried out. The CUBE offers a complete service of works management which includes site inspections and the drafting of mandatory documents, including:

  • Journal of Works
  • Measurement booklet
  • Accounting register
  • Work progress status
  • Final account

Before an engineering work can start working, it must be tested. Thanks to the experience of our technicians, the CUBE company has been charged with carrying out numerous tests, both during the work and at the end of the work.